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Spending holidays in Bulgaria is very popular among the English-speaking tourists. The prices are lower than in Central Europe and the quality is highly competitive. Renting a flat at the sea in Varna will be the perfect variant for those who prefer to spend their holidays inexpensively and with comfort.


  But many people are concerned about the following issues:   


How far is it secure?
How to make sure that you will not be deceived?

The answer is simple.

Your risks will be equal to ZERO
if you decide in favor of our company.




All the flats of our company are in ownership or long-term lease documented in accordance with all the legal rules and requirements. We do not act as an intermediate between you and landlord. We conclude an agreement with you on a direct basis.


  Why is it important?   


Because when this is not the case, you can face a number of sticky situations which can spoil your holiday in Bulgaria:

  • the owner`s relatives suddenly arrive and he has to lodge them somewhere;

  • the owner is offered a great amount of money for rent and he cannot resist an impulse;

  • when settling, you are surprised to find that this place is not the same as it has been described and this flat does not have all the bare essentials;

  • the lessor even can happen to be a fraud and in a day or two you can meet an angered landlord, etc.

If you rent a flat with the help of our website, you will be 100% indemnified from all these anxieties. And you will not have to expend your holiday time in solving these problems in Bulgaria.

There is an official state inspection on protection of tourists` rights in Bulgaria. The companies, which conduct activities involved with the leasehold, must certify their property units in this agency.

We always act in accordance with the law.

Therefore, all our flats have been certified at the tourism department of Varna community (the contacts can be viewed here) and have the category of 1 or 2 stars.

You can take a look at the copies of certificates for all the apartments here (or at the end of each flat description page). And you should not worry about the low star-rating – the greatest possible category for the rental housing is 3*.


  Why is it worth paying attention to?   


  • If you rent a flat in Varna, which does not have a certificate, you get a pig in a poke. And when the problem arises, it will be difficult for you to stand upon your rights and demand something from the owner. 
  • The category provides a guarantee for compatibility of apartments with certain requirements.

In the Republic of Bulgaria there is a decree of the Ministerial Council which provides a detailed list (link) of compatibility for each level of star-rating. All the details are included: from square meters per person to the quantity of towels, cups and plates. We have translated this section into English (link) to make it more convenient for our clients.

All the contact information of tourism department of Varna community is available on our website. You can always contact them (by writing an e-mail) and assure yourself of originality and relevance of the issued certificates.

You can always contact them (by writing an e-mail) and assure yourself of originality and relevance of the issued certificates.


  Why is it secure?    


  • Currently, the PayPal service is the largest electronic system of online payments. It works in 190 countries and uses the most advanced technologies for information protection. When transferring funds through this system, the E-mail, registration date and operation status are the only available for the recipient.
  • Also ePay.bg payment system is very reliable and has a banking license of A class. Thus, the data of your accounts and bank cards is effectively protected and NONE of the our employees have an access to it.

Moreover, the system provides an opportunity for returning funds to the sender.

Any personal information, which we receive, – passport details, arrival and departure dates and so on – is also confidential and is not subject to disclosure or transfer to the third parties. The confirmation is a certificate (link) of our company been registered as an administrator of public data in the Republic of Bulgaria.

The reservation of a flat on our service can be duplicated by tour operator "Holiday Plus BG" Ltd. (license RC-01-6505).

Thus, you have an opportunity to take advantage of the insurance coverage since the tour operator must provide this insurance as required by law.

The longtime cooperation with this tour operator once again gives evidence of reliability and security of our company.

After performing the payment for a flat, selected on our website, you receive the tourist voucher with electronic stamp and signature which contains all the information on reservation:

  • arrival and departure date;
  • address;
  • information on flat, its category, insurance company of tour operator, etc. 

Voucher guarantees full refund of all funds by Bulgarian insurance company, which has insured the tour operator, in case our company fails to perform its obligations.

The cost of additional guarantee voucher is 15-20% of the lease price (depending on the season).

Also you can rent any of flats in Varna, offered by our website, with the help of international booking systems.

 The best known international booking systems are:

And this is an additional safety assurance of a lessee.

It is not easy to get access to these systems. Their security services thoroughly check all the documents, statuses and congruence with the law. And the fact that our company has cooperated with these booking services on a regular basis for more than three years gives evidence of our impeccable reputation.

And another nice detail is that there is no language barrier. Our managers speak English language.

They are nice and friendly people who are ready to answer all of your questions and clarify the unclear issues.

The reliability and security of your holiday is the highest consideration for our company. You can rent a flat at the sea in Varna with the help of our portal without any risks and dangers. You will have only pleasant memories after spending your holiday in Varna. And you will want to come back once more!